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Tiffany Pendants UK noble cause Billed

Playing for a Tiffany Pendants UK noble cause Billed as the charity musical evening and held at the legacy hotel recently, the close to a 450-Strong audience witnessed a refreshing approach towards music by young musicians between the ages of seven and 20 years.Also in performance were several gifted artistes like pianist wong shuen da, violinist shulamite chin shi ling, violinist cum pianist chan su yin and tiffany maree lim.Serene:Performance by violinists. According to young musicians' principal and performance co-Ordinator daphne chua lay leng, the one-Off showcase encompassing no less than twenty-Two musical items ranging from classical, contemporary to traditional, raised around rm4, 500 for the worthy cause. "This is the first time the young musicians linked with petaling jaya's talentmakers for a public performance to raise funds for the underprivileged.Unlike talentmakers which has over the past few years raised close to rm400, 000 for worthy charity causes, our young musicians were thrilled to be part and parcel to do something ets for the needy and the poor,"Said chua.Talentmakers' principal lai mei kuen, who is also performance music director, noted that the charity musical evening, apart from raising funds for the local orphanage, spelt an avenue for parents, guardians and young music enthusiasts not only to witness some of the country's finest young talents but also to be aware of career potential in the field of music. "Music today is a major industry with a very wide range of career prospects in the aspects of performance, composition, arranging, recording, sound designing, production, promotion, music publishing, management and teaching.Hence, the industry provides ample scope for talents to venture into the field for a full time career,"Said lai, who has more than 30 years experience in the music industry.Besides the young musicians charming, thrilling and mesmerising the audience while playing respective instruments with much virtuoso, poise and class, the likes of shuen da, shulamite, su yin and tiffany with theirSolo presentations captivated listeners to the hilt.Solo:Shuen da performing on stage. Twenty-One year old shuen da who started his music education at the age of four is a piano 8th grader with an advanced certificateAnd lrsm(Licentiate of the royal schools of music)And l-Mus(Licentiate of australian music examination boards).He has performed in concerts abroad notably at the international junior original and centennial junior original concerts in tokyo(1999)And manila(1998)And the asia-Oceania junior series in shah alam in 1994.Winner of the 2000 and 2001 national piano competitions, he was also a finalist in the enschede piano competition in holland(2004)And the arthur lepthien piano competition in germany(2005).Shulamite, aged 14, is an accomplished pianist and violinist.By the age of 11 she completed violin grade 8 with honours and gained diploma distinctions by the end of last year.She is presently preparing for the l-Mus(Licentiate of australaian music examination boards)Exam in melbourne later this year.Kuala lumpur born su yin, aged 16, started learning piano and violin at the aged of six and completed violin grade 8 in 2005 while malacca's tiffany, aged 12, is presently a 7th and 8th grader in violin and piano respectively and a student of ayer leleh's sm(Cina)Yok bin.