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School run I must have been 15 years old when my mother sprang the idea of boarding school upon me. "It'll be the first time girls have been allowed into the sixth form at charterhouse,"She let slip, almost as an afterthought. etrio Necklaces I could have died.No way was i going to a boarding school.Even thinking of it made me want to stay in bed for the rest of the day.But a boarding school with boys?That was something else.Something so terrifying, i could feel the bile slosh about in my stomach.Worse, apparently there would be only six girls to an entire year of boys.I could see myself humiliated in the eyes of all my peers-The only girl that no one fancied.I was astonished that my parents had even entertained the idea:Did they know me that little? They also knew charterhouse offered a better education than that at my rather ghastly private girls' school.And at virtually no cost-The 16-Year-Old girls were to be educational guinea pigs.It was a serious plus point for my father.But, of course, i knew better. Ever after, i dismissed the idea of boarding school.It was, i maintained, simply an excuse for unloving, middle-Class parents to offload their troublesome offspring.When i had children, i would never subject them to such cruel"Alienation".Boarding schools, i confidently believed, were responsible for many of the country's ills.Etonians were snobs;Harrovians, smack addicts, and public-School boys in general just deeply uncool.And these were the people who would end up ruling the country.I thought the system stank.But that was before i had jim. Actually, that's not strictly true.When jim was little, i firmly believed he should be brought up at home.Not that there were any alternatives. Once i had divorced his father, it seemed important that what was left of his family, ie, me, should be close to hand.But when jim reached 10 years, boarding school became about the only serious alternative to attending the local state school in hackney, where we were then living. There was one other option-An ex-Grammar an hour away.Competition for this was incredibly stiff-There were three stages of entrance exam-And rumour had it that the teaching etrio Bracelets was almost too academic.It didn't sound like jim's sort of school. And then i read an article about state boarding schools.These had, apparently, been set up to provide a boarding alternative in the state system and, Tiffany Pendants UK although few people had heard of them, several of these schools came highly recommended. Jim's stepfather, james, had been to boarding school and was a keen advocate.Too keen, i sometimes thought. "You're just trying to get rid of jim"Was my reaction when he first mooted the idea.But even i could see that jim might be a lot happier being one of a gang.And it might also help him realise that he wasn't the only person on the planet-Always a problem for only children, as i knew from bitter experience. So we all trooped off to visit a selection of these schools where the government pays for the education, the parent for the boarding and there were bursaries for needy cases.Jim was impressed by the cabin beds and desks in the dorms and the enormous playing fields.James and i liked the no-Nonsense attitudes of the staff and the polite, friendly students.