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Plus Size Wedding Dresses Mr John Graue

German settlers in south australia Material compiled by derek van abbe concerning graw, graue, ahrens, tilemann families, contained in black leather tooled writing case with a taped slip on the cover april 1957 [case returned to the tileman family sept 2012] 1.Ms letter from benno h.Graw to dr van abbe 17/5/1957(3 p. )Tells van abbe that he listens to van abbe on radio graw grandfather was henri ahrens who came to sa in 1837 he writes about his auntie memories [ is from the extended family of 3.Ms english extract from letter dated 6/11/1916(= Auntie memories? )Talks about grandfather born near hanover = ahrens of ahrensburg.Ahrens was with the first government survey party for sa and later an interpreter for the supreme court in adelaide See also item Formal Dresses Online 1 4.5 newspaper cuttings on Graue family Barossa news on death of mrs john graue at age of 85(Born in 1850) Lutheran herald july 2, 1934, p.23, on the death of Emma Elizabeth Graue(Mrs john graue) Cutting about diamond wedding of mr and mrs john graue Late mr.Graue(Aged 91, married 1872) Sept.7, 1933 Plus Size Wedding Dresses Mr John Graue 86th birthday 5.Cutting from barossa news 31/3/1932 on tanunda, about a trowel presented to miss d.Von bertough [ie bertouch] and returned to tanunda institute.Mentions john graue 6.Graw, dated 4/7/1957(3 p. )[= a carbon copy of item 2 above] 7.Graw 12/3/1959, enclosing above copy and requesting return of newspaper clippings(1 p. ) 8.Basedow(Undated) Mr basedow meeting the emperor of austria [sic] while at vienna conference Mr basedow as south australian delegate at the vienna postal conference(Early 1890s) In deutschland [= the atmosphere in germany] hanover, dated 20 nov.Also about the young Wedding Dresses kaiser.Report from journey to vienna conference(Late december, no year) About the service for the late mr.Basedow held in st stephen church by rev.Eitel, miss eitel organising music/choir(After 1897, before 1908) Part cutting by woman about collecting birds, lizards and snakes for dr schomburghk of the botanic gardens(From the advertiser before september 1 1891) 9.Ms letter in german script(In envelope)15/11/1909?To a.Tilemann esq.Of adelaide from?Norboy [copy original returned to the tileman family sept 2012] 10.Tielemann of st peters [copy original returned to the tileman family sept 2012] 11.Australische zeitung 22/5/1901, front page only(2 copies).Stories about german schools abroad and the german ship visiting adelaide [not the later 12.Issue of australische zeitung 19/3/1902(8 p. ).Front page obituary about basedow.Eitel conducted service and gave funeral address 13.Ms will of ottine louise tilemann, in german.On the envelope is written:Meine lieben kinder alex emilie theodor.Die letzten zeilen geschrieben in [sic] october [sic] 1904, ottine louise tilemann wille [= for my beloved children alex emilie theodor.Last lines written in october 1904.Ottine louise tilemann will] [copy original returned to the tileman family sept 2012] See also items 1618 14.Small piece of paper with writing in german script 15.Newspaper page:Beilage [= supplement] zu nr 30 des nordische couriers und der altonaer nachrichten, dated 5/2/1856.[No obvious relevant article]