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Party Dresses Australia a pimm's cupthe

From tacky to trashy Apr 29:3 arrested in clampdown related to royal weddingApr 25:The royal wedding:We'll be tweeting, watching online and on televisionapr 26:The royal wedding:Denverarea anglophiles gear up to celebrateno rsvp needed for these royal events in coloradoraise a glass!Have a pimm's cup Apr 29:Kate middleton dazzles in alexander mcqueen wedding dress by sarah burtonin aurora, a royal wedding watch party, complete with biscuitsapr 28:How coloradans can watch the royal wedding, aftermathhappily ever after:Princesses rule, thanks to imaginations, merchandisingapr 27:Security for royal wedding includes public's eyes, earsapr 26:Raise a glass!Have Party Dresses Australia a pimm's cupthe royal wedding:Denverarea anglophiles gear up to celebrate You don't need to be one of the 1, 900 guests at westminster abbey on friday morning to be part of the biggest british wedding in three decades.Here's a roundup. Really, the bride and groom and, lord knows, their Bridesmaid Dresses hypervigilant parents did their best to keep the wedding tasteful, but guests(The uninvited ones)Have produced enough kitsch to stock countless yard sales. Sorry, prince william and your abouttoberoyal fiancee, kate middleton, but the simple folk are bypassing the 26 charities you suggested in lieu of gifts.Instead,"Knit your own royal wedding" ( ) They are putting their pennies, pounds and dollars into commemorative teddy bears, wedgwood plates, crown jewels souvenir condoms, tankards, champagne flutes, shopping bags and other nuptial novelties. Anglophiles in the metro area can buy tea towels, mugs, plates, spoons, paper weights, magnets, pens, trinket boxes and key chains of westminster abbey at such spots as the english tea cup, 1930 s.Havana st., Aurora.But you'll need to go online for the truly esoteric wedding flotsam, including: Royal prince william and kate middleton bobblehead dolls($29.95) "Handpainted with an astounding"Resemblance and a certificate of authenticity, says the description and a bargain compared with other wills and kate bobble heads going for more than $80.Complete the set with a princess diana bobble head that has an astounding resemblance to bill clinton in drag($279.95), or a young Prince William bobble head($34.95). Pylonesusa's katea and william tea bags with uppertorso cutouts, arms extended wide at their sides to rest comfortably on a tea cup, as if they're soaking in a hot tub.Only they're wearing their finest clothes.Historical and pertinent facts and tidbits are shared as text bubbles and in illustrations. This wedding pie is savory, not sweet, made with british beef, wine, bacon, pearl onions, mushrooms and a dash of brandy. Royal wedding throne up bags($4.90 for the blue or red commoner sick bags;$14.71 for a gold or purple sick bag) Pragmatic graphic designer lydia leith came up with these, thinking they will be handy for anyone who feels the royal festivities are over the top. Kate middleton royal engagement royal wedding vinyl portrait doll set by the franklin mint($490) Both must be"Preordered"For postwedding delivery this summer. Niue, new zealand, royal wedding postal stamp Kate middleton and prince william are connected only by a perforated line on this commemorative stamp from the island of niue.The british press already is hounding niue for a design that splits the royal couple, should customers decide to use the stamps on mail not to mention that the prince's stamp is worth 75 cents more than his fiancee's.So much for being equally yoked. Possibly the most valuable, and most careless, wedding souvenir is guandong enterprises ltd.'s mug displaying a photo of Kate with a photo identified as Prince William, but in fact it's his redheaded brother, Prince Harry.Oops.