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Mother of the Bride Dresses bachelor oakland

Feinstein to officiate at jerry brown The renaissance of oakland downtown is changing.Mayor jerry brown attends the groundbreaking for the new downtown city walk project.The mayor brown's goal of 10, 000 new housing starts is falling short with only 5, 136 started and completed to date.By lance iversen/san francisco chronicle ran on:03202005 Oakland mayor jerry brown attends the groundbreaking for city walk, a 252unit condo and retail project near city hall.Ran on:03202005 MANDATORY CREDIT PHOTOG AND SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE. Photo:Lance iversenthe renaissance of oakland downtown is. Looks like those wedding bells will be ringing sooner rather than later for california's longestrunning celebrity Mother of the Bride Dresses bachelor, oakland mayor. The man who was famously linked to singer during his jet setting days as governor disclosed this past week that he's finally planning to wed his longtime livein partner, chief counsel. Brown, who is 67 and gearing up to run for attorney general, tells us that sen.Has already agreed to officiate.In fact, he and gust were heading to stinson beach over the weekend to meet with the senator and her husband, at their getaway to start planning the wedding details. "Things seem to be moving very swiftly at this point,"Said gust, who like brown has never been married. "Neither of us is skilled in this marriage thing. " At 47, gust is 20 years younger than brown but the age difference doesn't seem to be an issue.The two have known each other for 15 years and have lived together for the last several. So why get married now? "It's what she wants to do it's what i want to do,"Brown said. "It's the next step in a long relationship. " And lest you think the ascetic brown isn't much of a romantic, gust tells us he popped the question after he cooked her a birthday dinner of chicken, vegetables and salad back on march 15 in the loft they share in downtown oakland. "He was very sweet,"She said. Even if he didn't get down on his knee or buy his fiancee a ring. "One step at a time,"Brown said. "We don't want to rush this process. " Muscle sag:After more than a year of stratospheric popularity, the governator appears to be falling back to the land of mere mortals. Two recent polls one commissioned Formal Dresses by democratic legislators and one by the labor unions show a doubledigit drop in gov.'s popularity in the past month. And while you may find the source of the polls suspect, even arnold's advisers privately admit that tackling teachers, nurses and firefighters as"Special interests"Has taken its toll on the moviestarturnedgovernor.