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Alabama murder victim chosen after 28 years Cynthia louise hanes might been 52 years old now, had she shared a home.But she only lived 24 years and died from"Blunt force trauma to your head"To be able to records from the talladega county district attorney's office.Her body was based in the town of munford, located east of hull on april 17, 1982.She was buried in talladega county's pine hill cemetery and also for these 28 years no one knew who rested there. Cynthia was graduated from graduation from the warrens hill high school graduation in new jersey and joined the army in 1977.She was utilized in fort mcclellan, duringmeal alabama where she served until her being let go in 1978. She had developed substance problems and had begun rehabilitation programs twice in maryland but had signed herself out each time and she disappeared shortly after the last time. Anyone of her mother, martha lang, attached to charlottesville, virginia began interested in her via the internet in 1998, hoping to help the family unit find her or find what had happened to her.After a period of fruitless effort, she finally received help from mike mcburnett, an private eye for the jordans shoes online district attorney's office in talladega. He obtained finger marks taken by police when cynthia had been arrested on a misdemeanor charge in maryland and found they matched the fingerprints taken from the body in 1982. The actual news was not good, the family was thankful to have found the location of her burial and fact that would bring closure to their long period of dread. The anniston movie super starlet of anniston, alabama carried the account and may be found on this link.Army within korean war, attended the city of the town of jacksonville state university, majoring in business current operations.He became a dean jerrod in 1948, and although he accompanied secular work as a career and retired from allied signal aerospace, he is an avid student of the holy bible and related works at the same time biblical history.He has an extensive website of conservative religious and political articles and even more.Prove it for yourself.