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Installation engineer I am using autocad 2006 on your working computer that is about 2.5 yoa.Really low moisture content pentium 4 and 2 gigs of ram(The most).Anyway i am shopping for a new computer.This one actually features fine, but gets painfully slow and often crashes when working on bigger drawing jordans shoes girls files.I work as an independent draftsperson.My home is hawaii, and my office is a bamboo program in my yard.Because of this, i would rather a laptop(Since i have can't lock my bamboo office, i need to use my computer into my home each day).Some people have said that i really should be using a desk top.And more have said that i can get a lap top that is robust enough for autocad.My plan is to keep my current lap top and utilize it for everything except autocad.My new computer will be limited to autocad.Quite, my real question for you is, what are some system requirements that will make sure my computer is equipped to handle larger drawing files?Are there any specific cad considerations when you're thinking of ram, product, picture card, or everthing else?Are there lap tops that can complete the task, or what is build my office out of concrete and get a desk top? Just you can sell organic an idea, almost every application engineer that works for an autodesk reseller uses a laptop as their primary computer and many are running more than autocad.I autocad, autocad design, autocad mep, revit architectural mastery, mep, and arrangement, in addition to a few others on my last laptop. Currently i use an hp with a core 2 duo processor chip and 4gb of ram.Get as much as which is really affordable to buy so you're not wishing you'd bought more 6 months or a year from now. Todays laptops will run autocad as well as a desktop.Almost certainly wouldn't ever notice any difference. Just don't go find the best buy special of the week.Heres your lively hood, choose this purchase count. For the time being, you may choose to try running a defrag on your system and cleaning up all those ole temporary files and cookies from sites you visited long ago.