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Supermodel gemma ward quits kowz Watches Sale catwalk Celebrating her 22nd birthday in new york last week, ward was photographed alongside close friend and sports illustrated swimwear model, jessica gomes. Ward, who was romantically linked to heath ledger, disappeared from the fashion industry after his death in january 2008, the sunday telegraph reports. I had a look at the 'skinny website' and no wonder she has quit modelling, most of the comments were very harsh and cruel.Good on gemma ward, as long as she is comfortable with how she looks then really who is anyone to comment.What would be better was if she stayed in modelling the way she is, and she got good contracts and then younger girls could see that stick thin is not the only option to be a model, like smoke packets have pictures of damaged lungs and teeth etc, maybe magazines and papers and any forum where we can see the harsh reality of starving ourselves is doing, not a one off tv segment but regular in your face truths about what it is doing.We all want Earbob our children to have a happy healthy life, and to have all the chances to succeed in whatever they do, but when you look at every magazine and tv shows and ads on the bus stop, everything is in favour of looks, you have to look a certain way to be accepted, how can parents fight this neverending battle?Allwe can do is hope that we have instilled enough values and morals, that hopefully they believe in themselves enough to not bow to the pressures of a fake society that every picture is airbrushed, to the point that if you saw the person in the street you may not even recognize them. Ruth of brisbane posted Cheap Tiffany Necklaces at 3:24 PM November 09, 2009 Wow, i am a 48 year old woman struggling with the usual weight gain and shape change women of my age experience, and appalled kowz Watches Sale at the lack of vision shown by the commentators calling her overweight.This girl(Same age as one of my daughters)Is beautiful, healthy-Looking, and an ideal shape for younger girls(And older ones like me)To aspire to.We have just seen a statement on the obesity problem of young women in our nation-And the accompanying muffin tops.The fashion industry needs some anti-Depressant anti-Paranoia anti-Delusional medication en masse.The only things we want to see the bones of are in natural history museums, and are usually extinct.