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Social studies Over spring break, i went to a museum called the eiteljorg museum of american and western art.One of theexhibitsi saw was called pistols:Dazzling firearms!At the exhibit, there were lots of guns and pistols from the 1800 some things thatinterestedme were:The tiffany grips on the pistols.These were grips made from silver, with lots of little carvings in them that tell stories.Another thing that interested me was when a woman came and told about the life of annie oakley.Annie oakley was a woman who became famous in a shooting competition.She first started shooting animals for a shopkeeper, then was asked to soot in a shooting competition.Later, she got married to her competition frank butler.Something else i liked was how each gun had grips with pictures, initials, and people carved into them.I liked looking at what was on the guns, who they were made for, how they were made, and what they were used for.Each gun was so detailed and so unique.Over all, i think the exhibit was amazing, and it was a great experience. For the past few weeks, my class has been studying the titanic.While reading an article, we had to come up with inferences using facts in the article to answer this question:Could this tragedy have been avoided? The titanic was a big ship(The biggestat that time), built in 1909 in Belfast, Northern Ireland.It was a cruise ship that could carry around 3, 547 passenger.It was supposed to arive in new york, usa. I think this event could have been avoided.For one, the radio operators, jack phillips and harold bride, werebusy catching up on personal messages sent from passengers the day before, when messages about ice in the are were sent in.If they would have been paying more attention to the wireless set, they would have known about the ice and told the captain so he could change courses. Second, when they did deliver a message about ice to the captain, the captain gave it to bruce ismay, who instead of putting it on the board for the crew members to see, put it in his pocket, so no one else was warned about the ice for a while. Third, the water had been cold and had been dropping which means more chance of ice. Next, the night before the titanic hit the ice burg, the water was smooth and calm.The lookouts were probably not paying that much attention in the water. Later, phillips was told of near by ice warnings, said he had the message clear, but instead of telling the captain, he went right back to answering passenger messages.The captain could have changed his course and avoided the ice burg. Last, when they had already hit the ice burg and the titanic was beginning to get damaged, more water tight compartments filled up than what could keep the titanic floating, it began to sink.If they would have built the water tight compartments higher, maybe less would have filled up. Have you heard of mount everest?Well if Tiffany Bracelets Sale you haven then keep reading, these are some basic facts: Mount everest is the highest point in the world.It is 29, 035 above sea level.It is called the death zone because lotsclimbers die or have a hard time.In the death zone there is less oxegen so climbers have to use bottled oxegen.Also, like any other oart of everst, it is hard to climb.If you Cheap Tiffany Earrings look on the picture above you can see where it is. The other very dangerous part on everest it the khumbu icefall.It is locatedbetweenthe base camp and camp 1.It is dangerousbecause there have been many avalanches and other ice related dangersthat have killed many climbers. I would not take the risk to climb mount everest because it not like you are become rich and famous if you do.It costs a lot of money and it takes years of training and i don think it is really worth the risk.Even if you spend 20 years training you can still die.Also, there are many other things you can do in life so if you die along the way you will not get to do all of the things that you wanted to do.